Climate Change in 2009: Global Changes . . . . Local Impacts
The Asheville Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the Colburn Earth Science Museum have partnered to
present a series of free public education talks that provide clear, timely, and accurate information about climate change.  
ERS produces the Climate Change series and is a series sponsor.
ERS produces and coordinates conferences, training workshops, and public events related to:
  • Weather and climate science
  • Climate information services
  • Public / private partnerships
  • Science communications
  • Public policy
  • Local and regional economic development

Pulling from its resident expertise as well as nationally-recognized speakers, ERS produces
events that provide attendees with the latest information in an environment that fosters open
exchange and mutual respect.
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March 2009
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These presentation are free and open to the public at 7:00 pm at the Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack Place, downtown Asheville.

Tuesday February 16, 2010  Climate Change and Food in Western North Carolina  
In this free panel discussion, we will talk about how a changing climate might impact the way we grow and eat food in Western North
Carolina. Our panelists will lead a community discussion to investigate expected impacts as well as potential solutions to develop
secure and sustainable food and farming in WNC.

Tuesday March 16, 2010 Climate Change and Local Health  
Human health is influenced by a complexity of factors, many of which are attributed to our local environment. Our panelists will lead a
community discussion to investigate the potential impacts from the viewpoint of traditional and complimentary health professionals
Tuesday April 13, 2010 Climate Change and Local Wildlife and Plants  
Situated in the oldest mountains on Earth, Western North Carolina is known for its amazing biodiversity. Our panelists will lead a
community discussion about how a changing climate might impact the area’s delicate natural balance, its wildlife, and its blossoming
natural products industry.
The first talk in the 2009 series was presented by Rick Borchelt, nationally recognized science
communications expert who presented
Can You Hear Me If I Just Yell A Little Louder:  Hope, Hype,
and Communicating Climate Change
Lt. Col. Scott Hausman,  Commander, USAF 14th Weather Squadron
“Climate Change Impacts on  U.S. National Security”                         
April 2009
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