Image of Asheville at Dusk
Asheville is home to the Federal Climate
Complex  - where NOAA's National Climatic
Data Center, the U.S. Air Force 14th Weather
Squadron, and the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical
Meteorology and Oceanography Detachment
work every day to serve our nation's need for
climate data and information.
Education Research Services, Inc. (ERS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We work with local officials, industry, state
agencies and federal partners in order to enhance education, research, and technology.  

Why?  It's all about economic development. We are working to improve the business environment and expand educational
opportunities in Western North Carolina.

Nationally, ERS promotes the need for expanded Earth observations and climate information and services.  ERS is a
member of the Alliance for Earth Observations and The Weather Coalition.

Businesses and government agencies face growing challenges in responding to requests for climate information related to
their specific areas of expertise. As many sectors must respond to new requirements for disclosure of how climate change
is likely to affect business, the need for clear, accurate, and relevant climate change information has never been greater.  
ERS works with government agencies, industry leaders, and academia to provide innovative strategies and customized
support in dealing with the need for, and application of, climate change information.  ERS's team of scientific, technical,
and communications experts provide assistance for a wide variety of clients, in many sectors.

As our nation, and the world, seek answers to questions about what climate change
will mean for policy makers, businesses, and national security - Asheville is becoming
the center of activity for those who are responding to the need for climate data,
products and information.
Education Research Services, Inc.
1459 Sand Hill Road
Haynes Center, Suite 701
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: 828-670-7873
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