Support Services
ERS specializes in communicating complex ideas to a variety of audiences.
In our ever-increasingly technical society, technology is the dominant force of change,
and complexity is often a measure of innovation. However, in order to move science
and technology into the mainstreams of society, scientists and engineers must
communicate their ideas to decision makers, business leaders and end users who
may not have technical backgrounds. And, let's face it  - those who are blessed with
technical minds are typically not known for being effective communicators.
Education Research Services, Inc.
1459 Sand Hill Road
Haynes Center, Suite 701
Candler, NC 28715
Phone: 828-670-7873

Through careful, detailed documentation and
professionally developed education and outreach
materials, ERS helps those who work in science and
technology reach audiences of all levels.

ERS serves a number of organizations; from those
specializing in regional economic development  -  to
private industry  -  to federal agencies and national